Clear-Safe NC 5ltr, 20 ltr, 205ltr & 1000ltr

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Economical non-caustic Traffic Film Remover for use on all types of vehicles and small plant.

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Clear-Safe NC chemical is an economical, low cost, non-caustic TFR for general vehicle cleaning and general light degreasing via a pressure washer. Clear-Safe NC can be used to remove film and greasy deposits from cars, vans, commercial vehicles, tractor units and light plant. It can also be used for general cleaning via the pressure washer.

• Clear-Safe NC chemical may be used hot or cold via a pressure washer. For best results use hot.
• Suitable dilutions are normally established by experience. See guidance below.
• Apply the solution to the surface of the vehicle at low or high, pressure working from the bottom of the vehicle upward to avoid cleaning-streaks after the vehicle has dried.
• In hot weather cool paintwork with water before applying chemical. Do not allow the chemical to dry on the surface.
• Rinse with a bucket, hose or pressure washer from the top of the vehicle rinsing downwards evenly and methodically.
Dilution Rate
Light Soiling: 1% (100:1)
Medium Soiling 2% (50:1)
Heavy Soiling 3% (30:1)

• Economical – performance vehicle cleaning at low cost
• Multi – purpose – removes traffic film for a variety of vehicles
• Biodegradable – meets requirements of the EU 748 and subsequent amendments.


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